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ADC - Die Casting Specialists in Milwaukee Wisconsin
Advance Die Casting Commitment to Improvement Milwaukee Wisconsin

Commitment to Improvement

2015 / 2016.

1. Analyzed each die cast machine, at minimum give a complete maintenance check-up than washed, scrubbed and painted.

2. Several die cast machines needed improvements and upgrades. We have completed 5 die cast cells and 2 more are in-process. Improvements include robotics, automated ladles and reciprocators. The goal is to make this plant as automated as possible.

3. Move all the die cast machines in “New Bay” from east/west to north /south position. This will allow us to add machines in the future as well as create a more thorough robust process flow. Phase 1 of this project completed in spring of 2016.

2016 Approved and Possible Future Projects

1. New Stotek Stack melting furnace (October 2016)

2. Phase 2 of “New Bay” redesign - Moving die cast machine #28 and #30. Die cast machine #30 to be moved to “High Bay.”

3. Painting of the interior of the plant.

4. Pass-through Shot blaster.

5. Continued Automation of all die cast machines.

6. Additional larger tonnage die cast machine if sales proves the need.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified Die Casting Company. Certificate No. CERT-0112698 Expiry date 01/14/2021

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